Gender equality is the need of the hour at present. Almost half of the population of the world that consists of women remains deprived of the benefit of the potential of the fair sex. The reason behind this condition is that there is discrimination in the treatment of women as a human being. Their family, society and the nation also do not treat them fairly and equal to men. There are many aspects of gender inequality. Her household work and child rearing is not considered as work worth paying. She is an unpaid and unvalued worker at home. The rural women works so hard in their fields but the marketing benefit is earned by a male member of the family. The educated society is very well acquainted with the issue of gender inequality and its immense harm to the society. So the institute understands its social responsibility in this particular area and is trying to remove this discrimination at its best.

  • In spite of being a co education institute the college always encourages girls to go

for higher education. Its staff occasionally visit girls schools to council the girls to study further.

  • There is more number of female teaching staff than that of male in the college. Female staff is members in every significant committee of the institute. A girls’ hostel has also been constructed in the campus itself to provide safe and peaceful accommodation for girls.
  • A girls’ common room is situated at the academic building with provision of basic facilities and bending pad machine. The institute keeps organizing gender discriminatory awareness program.
  • A sexual harassment committee also exists to cater to any such need of girls.
  • The women cell of the college was opened with the objective to empower economically poor women. They are provided training of sewing and stitching and beautician course in very subsidized rates.


Human beings are an integral part of environment. Both human activities and environment affect each other. The entire universe is facing the challenges related to issues of environmental protection. Healthy environment is necessary for the growth of any educational institute. Excessive exploitation and degradation of environment has endangered human life as well as many other organisms.

  • It has been a legacy of plantation in the college campus. It is adorned with old green trees.
  •  Plantation is done every year along with the students.
  •  Several programs are organized throughout the year on wild life conservation, environment awareness, cleanliness awareness, water conservation etc.
  • Training programs for students on bio-compost preparation and mushroom cultivation.
  • Water harvesting system is introduced in one of the college buildings.
  • The remains of mushroom cultivation were disposed into compost pit.
  • The college building has been constructed in a well planed manner that enough of sunlight and cross ventilation is received. Thus much of electricity is saved during the day.
  • Clean, green, tobacco and polythene free campus is maintained.