“MOTTO”:- राष्‍ट्रभाषा हिन्‍दी की उन्‍नति ही, सब उन्‍नति का मूल है।

“AIM”  “To provide education to learners for social and national building through Hindi language and literature.”

OVERVIEW  :- The Department of Hindi aims at providing teaching and research facilities in Hindi, keeping in view the changing social norms, communication patterns, different social roles of language in our society and fast changing  social  values in our time.  While drawing up the syllabus, sufficient care has been taken to cater to the above needs.  It has been kept flexible enough to incorporate various requirements of the students in the context of contemporary society.  Special attention is also given to the regional and comprehensive studies of language and literature.





Dr. Maya Sharma

M.A. (Hindi), Phd.

3 years

Mr. C.S. Bharadwaj

M.A. (Hindi), L.L.B.

18 years



Under Graduate Courses



Departmental news letter:-  “THE STORY”

Department Club :-  “Vibrant club”


Student Centric Methods Adopted in teaching And Learning:-

Our college provides one to one support and advice on the techniques students need to be a successful student including

  1. By using topic preparation
  2. Classroom discussion
  3. Flow chart
  4. Annotating and paraphrasing sources
  5. Visuals clips
  6. Knowledge of the place and location by using map


Advanced Departmental Equipment Facilities

Digital class rooms

Conference hall


Achievements of Staff:- paper presentation, attended national & international level seminar, research paper submission. 

Achievements of Students:-
During the course and after the completion of the course many students are achieved their mile stones like, intercollege championships, university championships in various cultural and sports programmes. There are many students are got placed at various fields like Academic, Banking, insurance, and different service sectors.