Institutional Distinctiveness


The college was established with the vision of missionaries to facilitated quality higher education in a tribal area like Chhindwara where only one such institute existed. They understood the educational and spiritual need of the youth and tried to cater to these needs. They started the college with the motive to serve not to earn.


•           To impart quality education to students including the deprived section of the society.

•           To offer students opportunity for their overall personality development.

•           To inculcate human values in students.

•           Professional courses are offered in nominal fee compared to other private colleges just not to deprive students from offering these courses.

•           To support economically poor student’s admission fee is received in installment.

•           Majority of the students of the college are from deprived or tribal class

Thrust area

•           Motivating girl’s education.

•           Creating familiar atmosphere for the students.

•           Providing personal care to students needs.

•           Maintaining gender equality in the college.

•           Strengthening women for economic independence through women cell.