“MOTTO”:- To Investigate Humanity For The Purpose Of Service

Overview:- We offer a comprehensive BA & MA level curriculum. The BA degree in Sociology is a general degree in Sociology without an area of specialization but MA Sociology an area of specialization. Sociology is one of the program in the Department of Arts.  It prepares one for a lifetime of change by developing one's appreciation of diversity, love of learning, writing and study skills, and knowledge base about human behaviour, social organization, culture, and social change. If you are the type of person who doesn't necessarily follow the crowds (but are fascinated by their behaviour), the type who is truly interested in what is going on in the world, then Sociology should interest you.





Mrs Rani Sahu  (HOD)

M.A., M. Phil, PHd Running.

15 years

Mr. B.B. Bhujade

M.A., M. Phil

26 years

Mrs. Samta Moris M.A.,Bed. 5 years



Under Graduate Courses


Post Graduate Courses




  1. Scientific study of the society
  2. Scientific study of social lives, social organizations, and social interactions
  3. The department has it’s own Library.
  4. Online teaching
  5. Projector based Classroom Teaching
  6. Library with latest edition of books
  7. Takes research projects
  8. Highly qualifies and experienced faculty.


Student Centric Methods Adopted in teaching And Learning:-

Our college provides one to one support and advice on the techniques students need to be a successful student including

  1. By using topic preparation
  2. Classroom discussion
  3. Flow chart
  4. Annotating and paraphrasing sources
  5. Visuals clips
  6. Analysis Methods
  7. Knowledge of the place and location by using map


Advanced Departmental Equipment Facilities

Digital class rooms

Conference hall

CAREERS :- Some of the positions you can obtain like, Advice worker, Community development worker, Family support worker, Further education teacher.

International aid/development worker, Social researcher, Social worker, Youth worker.


Achievements of Staff:- paper presentation, attended national & international level seminar, research paper submission. 

Achievements of Students:-
During the course and after the completion of the course many students are achieved their mile stones like, intercollege championships, university championships in various cultural and sports programmes. There are many students are got placed at various fields like Academic, Banking, insurance, and different service sectors.


Mrs. Rani Sahu

Mrs. Rani Sahu

HOD, Sociology
Mr B.B. Bhujade

Mr B.B. Bhujade

Guest Faculty Sociology