Overview:- We offer a comprehensive BA-level curriculum. The BA degree in political science is a general degree in political science without an area of specialization. Political science is the systematic study of government and power. Political scientists examine a wide range of topics, from how laws get made to why wars are fought to how political parties develop and win elections. Because power takes many forms, political science often overlaps with economics, psychology, sociology, and the other social sciences.                  





Mrs Anita Sharma

M.A.(political science) M.PHIL

37  years

Dr. Pallavi Nandi M.A.(political science),Bed,PHD 2 Years



Under Graduate Courses




  1. Scientific study of the politics
  2. The department has it’s own Library.
  3. Online teaching
  4. Projector based Classroom Teaching
  5. Library with latest edition of books
  6. Takes research projects
  7. Highly qualifies and experienced faculty.


Departmental news letter:-  “THE STORY”

Department Club :-  “Vibrant club”


Student Centric Methods Adopted in teaching And Learning:-

Our college provides one to one support and advice on the techniques students need to be a successful student including

  1. By using topic preparation
  2. Classroom discussion
  3. Flow chart
  4. Emphasis on practical politics
  5. Operation of procedure
  6. Debate on political issues
  7. Composition of parliament in classroom

   Activities of Department-

  1. To visit village to study “Panchayati Raj”.
  2. To conduct survey on women participation in Panchayat.
  3. To organize parliamentary session to generate interest among student.
  4. Exit pole/ Analysis, study of voter behavior etc. done by the student. 


Advanced Departmental Equipment   Facilities

Digital classrooms

Conference hall

CAREERS :- Some of the positions you can obtain like – collector, Police administration, social justice department.    


Achievements of Staff:- paper presentation, attended national & international level seminar, research paper submission.

Achievements of Students:-
During the course and after the completion of the course many students are achieved their mile stones like, inter college championships, university championships in various cultural and sports programmes. There are many students are got placed at various fields like Academic, Banking, insurance, and different service sectors.