“MOTTO”:- “Economic Development with Human Face”

OVERVIEW: - The Department of Economics is one of the oldest Departments, established in 1970. The famous British economist Alfred Marshall wrote: “Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.” A major in economics prepares one for many careers because it offers a clear, concise, and rigorous way of thinking about the ordinary business of life. For this reason, job recruiters and graduate admissions committees are favourably inclines toward economics majors. One enduring strength of economics is its logical, ordered way of looking at problems and issues. Economics is at the same time the most applies, most quantitative, and most scientific of the social sciences and the most theoretical of business subjects. It draws on history, philosophy, and mathematics to confront topics ranging from how households or businesses can make solid decisions to a societal issues such as unemployment, inflation, crime and environmental decay.





Mrs Beena sen

M.A. M.Phill

10 years

Dr. Jitendra Dehariya

Mrs Roshni Phokar

M.A. , Ph.D.



2 years


Under Graduate Courses

Post Graduate 





  1. Library with latest edition of books
  2. Takes research projects
  3. Highly qualifies and experienced faculty
  4. Online teaching
  5. Projector based Classroom Teaching

    Student Centric Methods Adopted in teaching And Learning:-

Our college provides one to one support and advice on the techniques students need to be a successful student including

  1. By using topic preparation
  2. Classroom discussion
  3. Flow chart
  4. Annotating and paraphrasing sources
  5. Visuals clips
  6. Analysis Methods
  7. Knowledge of the place and location by using map

Advanced Departmental Equipment Facilities

Digital class rooms

Conference hall

CAREERS :- Some of the positions you can obtain like, economist, Librarian, Writer, Publisher or Editor, data analyst, revenue manager,  


Achievements of Staff:- paper presentation, attended national & international level seminar, research paper submission.